Psychological contract breach dissertation

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Rousseau therefore notes that the best of new employees of the requirements of the organization will have, while their personal promises towards the reader will increase. An Experimental Study of Psychological Contract Breach: The Effects of Exchange Congruence in the Employer-Employee Relationship Gretchen Lina Schaupp Like many major achievements in life, this dissertation and this degree would not have been possible without the help, concern, and support of many different people.

Vos et al. (; pg ) suggest that a vital component of psychological contract theory is the concept of breach, defined as “the cognition that one’s organization has failed to meet one or more obligations within one’s psychological contract in a manner commensurate with one’s contributions”.

dissertation psychological contract 1 ABSTRACT This research investigates the relationship between different leadership styles and different types of psychological skayra.comring psychological contract breach.

Dissertation On Psychological Contracts

Although psychological contract research has been popular since its inception over 50 years ago, the field makes a number of assumptions about how employees truly experience psychological contracts (Conway & Briner, ).


interaction between psychological contract breach and psychological contract type such that when employees experienced a breach of their psychological contract, the effect of the psychological contract breach on perceived organizational support and organizational citizenship behaviors varied depending on psychological contract type.

Psychological contract breach dissertation
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