Hms thetis

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The ill-fated HMS Thetis: The submarine that sunk twice & lost two entire crews

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The ill-fated HMS Thetis: The submarine that sunk twice & lost two entire crews

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On Sunday wreaths were dropped into the sea off Llandudno to remember the Royal Navy's worst peacetime. HMS Thorn, a T-class submarine identical to HMS’Thetis. A quick inspection revealed that a dried-up smudge of enamel paint prevented one of the tubes from opening and releasing water into the submarine’s internal water circuit.

HMS Thetis submarine tragedy: Memorials mark 75 years

HMS Thetis partly resurfaced with the men still alive inside and rescuers could have saved them in just five minutes by cutting air holes through the 5⁄8in-thick steel hull.

HMS Thetis in the Great War, The Wartime Memories Project. HMS Thetis disappeared below the surface and finally rested on the seabed of Liverpool Bay. It would be three more months and many attempts before HMS Thetis was finally raised and beached.

hms thetis am, June 1stHis Majesty's Submarine Thetis sailed from Birkenhead under the command of Lieutenant Commander (RN). The purpose of the day was to make a diving trial.

Hms thetis
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