Freshman year of college

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The advice I'd give my college freshman self

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Title: Microsoft Word - Freshman Year Author: lmillis Created Date: 1/4/ PM. It takes longer for some students to adjust to the demands of college. As a result, teens who earned A's and B's in high school can end up with C's and D's as an undergrad.

Earning bad grades as. We at HC know there are few things more daunting than packing up your life to move into your (really tiny) dorm or apartment at college, especially if you’re a freshman.

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What do you need to bring with you? What To Expect The First Year Of College. 1. You’ll have independence and flexibility like never before. Many freshman will joke about gaining the freshman 15 in the beginning of the year. But, these unwanted 15 pounds are real and coming your way if you don’t take action against it.

If you want to avoid this extra weight, make a. A freshman, first year, or frosh, is a person in the first year at an educational institution, usually a secondary or post-secondary school.

Sep 02,  · Each crop of freshmen hears it a bazillion times: The first year is a really big deal. That statement is usually followed by a string of obvious suggestions from parents, grandparents and teachers.

Freshman year of college
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