Agriculture sector in india

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Priority Sector Lending in Agriculture in India

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Sector-wise contribution of GDP of India

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India is an agricultural country and agriculture, with its allied sectors, provides livelihood to more than 70% of its total population. For promoting agricultural growth, reducing poverty and hunger, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Govt aims to harness big data, AI in agriculture sector This month, the NITI Aayog signed an agreement with software firm IBM to develop a model for crop-yield predictions using AI so that farmers.

Engineering is the largest sub-sector of India's industrial sector, by GDP, and the third-largest by exports. It includes transport equipment, machine tools, capital goods, transformers, switchgears, furnaces, and cast and forged parts for turbines, automobiles and railways.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the Indian peoples. Performance of Indian economy is dependent upon the growth of Agriculture sector. It contributes nearly 16% of India’s Gross Domestic.

Agriculture is the cultivation of land and breeding of animals and plants to provide food, In India, wheat, barley, and jujube were domesticated by 9, BC, soon followed by sheep and goats.

and greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture sector. Sustainability Terraces.

Agriculture sector in india
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