2012 presidential electoral college projections

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United States presidential election, 2012

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***** Official Pre-Debate Electoral College Predictions Thread *****

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After Barack Obama Wins 2012, Republicans Will Destroy the Electoral College

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Electoral Map: Poll Version The map on this page displays the electoral forecast based on state-level polling. Where no polling or only limited, months-old polling is available, the spreads may include a weighting based on actual results.

Election Could Still Result In Trump-Clinton Tie: Analyst

Oct 19,  · The electoral college, on paper, would favor the biggest states. But since most of those states—California, Texas, New York, and Illinois—are politically predictable, they get ignored, too. Get out your prognostication tools. This site is a good place to begin: What's your forecast for the presidential election?

Visualizing the 2012 Presidential Election

Make your own electoral map. skayra.com - analyzing the election forecast of the Intrade prediction market and the polls. skayra.com is going to HTML5 for the election season. It appears as though you are using a browser, such as older version of IE, which can't render the latest graphics technologies for the web.

Projections; President Senate House Governors: Presidential Race Stats States Current National Polls State of the States State: Projected Result: Electoral Votes Click here for projected margins of victory. However, the Rasmussen Reports Electoral College Map Projections indicate that Obama is certain of taking Electoral College Votes, where as Romney only has guaranteed.

That means eight states worth 95 Electoral College Votes will decide who enters.

2012 Electoral Map 2012 presidential electoral college projections
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Presidential General Election Results